• Corporate Overview

Professional, knowledgeable and reliable,
three things that give us our strength!

Pinehill Leasing Limited is a non banking financial services company established to offer equipment leasing services to businesses and individuals with determinable, identifiable, specific and reliable source of income. The company envisions and is poised to take advantage of the unfolding opportunities in the financial services industry as a result of the increased capitalization and consolidation of the universal banks in Nigeria and the resultant reduction in the number of banks and the compelling changes in the structure of the financial system.

Leasing is fast becoming one of the strongest equipment acquisition attraction and retention tools in the emerging Nigeria financing environment occasioned by the resuscitation of democracy and stable economy.

Over the years we have dealt with literarally thousands of businesses, many of whom have returned time and time again to renew, replace or add new equipment through leasing. Our expertise and flexibility means that we rarely have to turn people away and the speed with which we can respond allows you to have the equipment up, running and earning money in no time.

Our leases should offer significant benefits relating to Economic, Liquidity Cash flow, overall Financial Statement, Management and Capital creation. providing the best rates for Equipment Leasing and Financing should be the strenght upon which we capitalise to ensure that our clients are better positioned within their respective industries



Pinehill Leasing Limited was incorporated in 1997 as a limited liability company, established to ease the acquisition of assets by individuals and corporate entities who require operating and finance leases and other ancillary services.

Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Our Vision
To be the first point of call to the public in Nigeria and Africa. To be the convenient and comprehensive source for all asset leasing and management needs for businesses and individuals across Africa. To serve as a ladder for start-ups who need to get their business up and running with required infrastructure.

Our Mission
To empower the financial markets to be innovative and credible, in support of the Nigerian economy.

  • To enhance productivity and efficiency for businesses and individuals in African countries by solving all asset financing and operating challenges.
  • To provide convenient financial solutions to suit individual and businesses asset needs.
  • To partner with businesses and provide them with top-gear asset management technology solutions to cover asset management and logistics needs.