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Welcome to Pinehill Leasing

Pinehill Leasing Limited is a capitalized financial services firm that specializes in various forms of equipment and vehicle leasing. At Pinehill Leasing our clients are our pride, that is why we are nitche in our services to them, offering convinient leasing with flexible pay-back period that will not require breaking a bank.

IT Leasing

If you’re thinking of buying a new or used car, for business use, we can arrange finance. We facilitate your purchase of a vehicle of your dream

IT Leasing

Consumer Leasing is a product open to every individual working in a very reputable company. It assist in controlling your financial burden an enables gradual payment of lease.

Home Appliances

An operating lease is particularly attractive to companies that continually update or replace equipment. An operating lease usually results in the lowest payment of any financing alternative.

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